Can a Watch Winder Damage Your Watch?

The question is whether the battery watch winder might be overwound is depending on some essential distinctions. The answer is yes if the homemade watch winder can damage your watch. However, the watch which been designed in a good way brings you a different story. You should know that the automatic watch could not be overwound. The watch was made to hold the constant movement, but since there is no advantage to keep winding the watch that was already wound, then it is always better to buy a winder which can be programmed based on your watch need. So, you have to know to watch winder box first.

Choose a homemade battery watch winder might break your watch

A poor watch winder or a homemade watch winder can break your watch, or even worse than no wonder at all. Automatic watches are designed to be worn – people move in the different manners which cause the motion distribution in the watch’s internal winding mechanism. Keep in mind that the watch winder usually limited into some directions or types of movement, even some of them only have one movement. So that the watch winder in poor designed can damage the mechanism of your watch from having repetitive and excessive movement.

How does your watch winder work?

The watch winder will make your watch stay in a random motion which allow your watch keep rotate and wind itself even you do not wear it. We all know that automatic watches are attractive, expensive and valuable as well. therefore, the automatic watches need more attention and maintenance than other types of watches since their complex components inside. An automatic watch will work by winding itself using the isolated weight for the random motion in the hand, since this motion the weight inside along with tension at the mainspring. Shortly, the automatic watch needs to be word and it will need a motion to run. The battery watch winder will make your watch stay in random motion that allows it to wind itself although you do not wear it.

Here some types of winders

Functional – this winter will do its job by winding one or even more watches. Usually, this unit will hold the watch in the exterior design.

Elegant – this winder just goes beyond its pure functionality and offers you with a great exterior and shape. Usually, they are completely closed box and made from the wood or covered by a good quality leather in battery powered watch winder box.