How to get a student visa to study in the Netherlands

If you have applied to study in the Netherlands for Indonesian you will need to obtain the student visa. Netherland has become one of the most desired country destinations for study abroad as this country provides high-quality education. When you establish the Netherland student visa, there is some admission requirement that you need to prepare.

EU students

Students that come from EU/EEA and Switzerland will no need to apply student visa or residence permit to enter Netherland. If the students are planning to stay in the long term, then they should register with the municipality as soon as possible when they arrived.  You will need to prove you have a place to live and present the passport and birth certificate. It is a regulation that international students should buy health insurance without exception. You also should sign a document that proves you have sufficient financial and health insurance.

Non-EU students

The requirement for student’s visa to study in the Netherlands for Indonesian can be different, it’s depending on the nationality. You may require admitting the provisional residence permit that also known as MVV. The host institution probably able to make an actual application for you but you still need to supply them with all necessary documents which must be available in Dutch, German, France, or English or officially translated into one of these languages. Besides to show the basic documents that show you enrolled in a course i9n Netherlands you also need to prove have €870.46 per months to support financial cost when you live in Netherland.

For Chinese students that enroll English language courses should also apply the Nuffic certificate in order to get the MVV. As international students, you should apply for the residence permit. The permit will be valid for 12 months and should renew. Some of the institutions will do it for you but ensure you still check to the progress. Within 3 days after arrived, you also should register with local Aliens police to prove where you live and have enough money to support yourself when you stay in Netherland.  You also should register with the local municipality and buy health insurance. As for Indonesian, if you are willing to work while study in the Netherlands, you will need to apply work permit that allows you to work 16 hours a week in term time and full time when holidays.

When and where to apply for Netherland student visa

The student visa can be applied in Netherland embassy or consulate in the home country. The university also can apply for MVV and VVR on student’s behalf through Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. You can collect the MVV in 3 months and the process of visa application usually last for one month.