The best university to study in Germany for Indonesian

Germany has become one of the most supportive countries for international studies, include from Indonesian student. Their study in Germany tends to be very affordable to study abroad as this foreign pay the same tuition with local Germany students and often sometimes some universities do not charge any tuition fees. In addition, when they study in Germany, English becomes more and more as primary language courses in Germany universities across the country. Therefore, it is more possible to earn a degree and complete course study in Germany for Indonesian without taking a single class in German.

If you are interested for taking study in Germany for Indonesia programme, you may consider several famous universities in Germany below that offer many benefits for their abroad students.

  •    The Freie University of Berlin. This is the largest from 4 top research universities in Berlin. This university expects 1/3 of their student population consist of abroad students from overseas.
  •    The Humboldt University of Berlin.  There are more than 10% of the student population at Humboldt University is an international student. This is one of the oldest universities in Berlin.
  •    The Technical University of Munich. This is the highest ranking university in Germany which also comes into 53rd rank in World University Ranking. This is a university that excels in technical disciplines, like engineering. Due to the strength of the university into engineering and research, this university has partnerships with some of the prestigious universities include US schools such as Georgia Tech, MIT, Stanford, and Cornell. The university also has a powerful partnership in Asia and Europe.
  •    Heidelberg University. This is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Western Europe. This university performs best in science and more than 20% of their students come from international students from 130 countries.
  •    Schiller international university. This is the true international university with the campuses available in Europe and the US. The main campus is in Florida but the first and largest is located in Germany, Heidelberg.